We’re always as excited as our clients to see the finished results. The results are always better with faultless preparation.

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Preparation is key – A good decorating job consists of 90% preparation and 10% decoration. Taking the time to prepare before we decorate will result in a far superior finish. Things such as stripping every layer of old wallpaper, cleaning down, dusting off all take time but need to be done and done correctly. In some cases we may advise on re-skimming walls which would take longer to repair. This will save time and money and give great results.

We insist that all preparation projects are as clean & tidy as possible as we believe this is important to ourselves and our clients. In preparation we use a 92% efficient dust extraction system attached to our sanding equipment wherever possible as we believe in keeping the level of dust in the preparation of all our finishes to an absolute minimum. This makes for a clean working environment and a reduction of dust in your home.


92% Dust Extraction

As Important As The Air You Breathe. Dust control is an integral part of the Festool system and design philosophy. We believe you will find our dust extractors to be among the best in the industry, with features not found on other vacuum systems. Festool offers a full line of dust extractors optimized for the way we work.


Preparation of walls & ceilings

We’ll ensure the walls, ceiling and molding surfaces are repaired as required. Once clean, dry and free from dirt, grease and any other contamination we apply primer and undercoat.

The use of primer & undercoat will ensure we achieve an even finish and enhance the intensity of the top coat colour.


Preparation of woodwork

Preparing wood surfaces for painting can take a lot of time, depending on the condition of your woodwork. If preparing new timber we seal all knots with knotting compound to prevent the wood resin from staining the paintwork. Both new and previously painted woodwork will be lightly sanded down then cleaned off with a tack cloth before a coat or two of wood primer applied. The primer coat will highlight uneven surfaces and faults in the woodwork which will be filled and sanded again, undercoated and inspected to ensure a smooth finish. A top coat is applied and the process is repeated – imperfections and uneven surfaces, chips and dents are filled, sanded and painted until all imperfections have been corrected resulting in a high quality finish.

We are an environmentally conscious company.

We believe in looking after ourselves and our clients as well as the planet so it is our policy to use as few solvents as possible.

Water not Oil

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We combine our skills and knowledge with the continual improvement in modern waterborne technology to complete all our projects with minimal environmental impact. Unlike traditional oil based paint systems our finishes are multi layered and quick drying. The paints we recommend (other than specialist primers and stoppers) are odourless, solvent free, colourfast and non yellowing which ensures that there will be minimal if any discolouration even behind furniture and paintings etc. We use ‘intelligent’ paint formulas that are wipeable even in flat matt finishes.

Our preferred brands include Little Greene and Farrow & Ball water based paints.