Home renovations and period renovations.

Our approach to any renovation project is one of consideration, understanding and sympathetic restoration or modernisation that meets our clients brief.

When working on period property renovations, especially where the original property has been altered and then re-altered over time, it’s important we have a complete understanding of the building, its history and our clients ideas and input on the renovation process. Sometimes, getting to the point of starting any renovation can seem to take an age,  especially considering the fact that in many cases, until the renovation work has begun, many structural issues will not be visible. In addition, the design process itself requires time and consideration so the end result is a functional, renovated beautiful home.

The inside of many period buildings sadly get altered beyond recognition. We can preserve or restore original features and recreate the sense of history that may have been lost. We compare our knowledge of past building methods and styles with a close study of remaining historic fabric. These combine to solve many of the design mysteries left after changes have been made.

Responsible renovation of a period building begins with an understanding of its provenance, history, and the sequence of previous alteration that may have taken place.
Once absorbed these factors provide the foundation for appropriate decision making.